Vinyl sale

Nothing new has been released in 2 years - that may change though. I'm still shipping orders out, typically same day.

Found a box of records previously thought to be lost, so they're on sale for $4 each. All other releases found below are in extremely limited quantities, not to be re-pressed.

Kevin Greenspon / Reighnbeau / Light Light / Torn Humorist
4-way split 7" vinyl EP

1. Kevin Greenspon - Probably Tomorrow
2. Reighnbeau - Water
3. Light Light - Morning
4. Torn Humorist - Rabbit Paw
Originally released as Family Time Records #37 in Summer 2013.

Edition of 330 7" vinyl records with full-color sleeves. Includes hand-numbered insert and digital download.

Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman
Already Dead

7" vinyl · 4 songs (vinyl) + 8 bonus songs (on digital) · June 2012 · Oakland, CA / West Covina, CA

Edition of 450 records with metallic silver labels, housed in tri-fold jackets with doublesided, full-color printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.