NEWS: 1/7/2016

1. I recently started a little blog on my website for sharing music I'm digging lately, posts are tagged #weeklyrep.
2. A batch of releases by old buddies with new projects is on the way.
3. Nearly everything that is currently available is now down to the last few copies.
4. The 4-way split 7" I did with my friends Brent, Bryce and Doug is briefly available again right here:

Kevin Greenspon / Reighnbeau / Light Light / Torn Humorist
4-way split 7" vinyl EP

1. Kevin Greenspon - Probably Tomorrow
2. Reighnbeau - Water
3. Light Light - Morning
4. Torn Humorist - Rabbit Paw
Originally released as Family Time Records #37 in Summer 2013.

Edition of 330 7" vinyl records with full-color sleeves. Includes hand-numbered insert and digital download.