NEWS: 05/05/2017

I'm very proud to announce the 2017 Summer Batch. 5 new tapes by myself and some good friends of mine that are making amazing, personal and emotional music in a variety of styles. They don't all have a lot of music out there, but this is my attempt to change that at least a little. To me, this batch really encapsulates what Bridgetown is about: a self-fulfilling cycle of relationships that develop from mutual appreciation and respect from years of phone calls, emails, helping each other, joking online. Teenage pen pal habits go digital in your thirties but never fade. Egos and buzz don't make it through this door. Another batch, another imagined room with a couple folks I'd like to see and hang out with a little more often. 

#131 · Spednar - Three Pittsburgh Grays
#132 · The Widest Smiling Faces & Marc Merza - Forest Bathing
#133 · Editer H - Ciruelo
#135 · Kevin Greenspon - Forget Something Everyday
#136 · Kevin Greenspon - Mood Recovery
A limited quantity of the batch is now available for mailorder before I take them off the net in a few days for a big U.S. tour from May 29th through August 13. As usual, face-to-face is where the heart of Bridgetown's essence lies, and I've got to save some copies for strangers out there across America. Joining these on the merch table will be a tour edition 12" LP limited to 29 copies, and the first ever run of t-shirts.