New shirts for new project

I’m making a short run of handmade aqua green “acid rain clouds” tie-dye shirts for my new Privacy Settings project:

S / M / L / XXL only. Sorry but XL is not available.

$26 USA / $32 Canada / $38 World

to order, Venmo to @kevin-greenspon
or PayPal as Friends and Family to emailprivacysettings // @ // gmail \ . \ com
Please email me your address and size, and allow 2-4 weeks in case I get backed up.

Privacy Settings serves as an outlet for releasing music that doesn’t fit under my name, being more up front about DJing and blending the variety of dance music genres I love that quietly influenced my solo music, as well as incorporating them with more experimental mixing techniques from the ambient/ noise/collage perspective similar to my solo live sets.

Up next, expect some Privacy Settings releases, mixes and a new batch of Bridgetown Records tapes...