Bridgetown #56

Vehicle Blues
Koz Park

A brand new one-two punch from Chicago heavyweight Gabe Holcombe. The current champion of concise bedroom shoegaze hits where it hurts without leaving a moment to breathe. Rejecting the superficial fluff, Holcombe condenses the bottled up feelings of everyone who's ever felt alone and the optimism of returning to your feet and getting your life back into pure and focused textural pop. Downtuned despair with no downtime. The crowning moments of the Vehicle Blues discography. Packaged with a glossy 6-panel j-card featuring vintage photography from 1936 by one of Gabe's family friends.
C5 cassette · 2 songs · June 2011 · Chicago, IL

First edition of 100 cobalt cassettes with gold liners, dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes black and white lyric sheet.
Second edition of 10 chrome cassettes with black liners, includes light blue lyric sheet.