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I'm excited to present the 2014 Fall Batch of cassettes on Bridgetown. These three new releases are brand new tapes by friends of mine who have been hard at work for many years. They are dedicated lifers that are always growing and doing new things. These are friends I look up to because they're constantly honing their craft, adventuring into new projects and remain deeply integrated within the community they came from.

I also wanted to make a small re-issue of Bridgetown #56 for those who missed out. It's hard to believe that this cassingle bisects the label's discography now, but I've long considered it to be an essential Bridgetown release. Whenever my inspiration or drive has faltered, I've always returned to "Koz Park." Many of my favorite recordings are short and sweet. Vehicle Blues is a modern master, and this is his shortest and sweetest.

Thanks for listening,
Kevin Greenspon

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Includes Bridgetown #56, 108, 109 and 110:
Vehicle Blues - Koz Park - SOLD OUT
Hollow Sunshine - Atascadero
Tanner Garza - There's More To Life Than This
Shivering Window - When We Were Metal

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Includes Bridgetown #101-107:
Big Waves of Pretty - It Is A Sight He Never Forgets
Paper Armies - Trying
Filardo - UNKNOWN Sessions
Apollo Vermouth - Fractured Youth
Autococoon - Spirulina
Widesky - Silhouette, And The Stars Emerging
Reighnbeau - Hands
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Bridgetown #110 - $6
Shivering Window - When We Were Metal C44 cassette
12 songs | August 2014 | Long Beach, CA
For over a decade, Matthew Gray has found comfort in tape machines and grimy guitars, sneaking his brand of outsider pop into the subconscious of the unaware. "When We Were Metal" is Gray's most accessible collection of songs, shimmering with the glow of hidden treasure in an abandoned attic. Dusty and worn, these are the eccentric but relatable tales of an ageless alt-rock ghost revisiting his youth in New England. Gray produces his songs in a manner befitting the cold, brisk air that hangs over a snowed out colonial town before the plows come around, finding friends in thin guitars, antique drum machines and gentle vocals wrapped in a couple coats of hiss.

• Limited to 50 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #109 - $6
Tanner Garza - There's More To Life Than This C30 cassette
5 songs | August 2014 | Houston, TX
A prolific explorer of dark formless fields, Tanner Garza finds rhythm and pacing that gives structure to the intangible realm. His sound work is akin to the inspection of a mirror that reveals a window into nothingness. No self, no outside world. "There's More To Life Than This" is the result of isolation, of working in hermitage not towards any one thing. Instead, it is the natural document of cycles in a personal abyss. The recurring patterns of breathing and bloodflow captured on tape loops that slowly shift like the movement of muscles in gradual growth.

• Limited to 50 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #108 - $6
Hollow Sunshine - Atascadero C15 cassette
4 songs | August 2014 | Atascadero, CA
Morgan Enos and Reuben Sawyer summon coastal fog into thick swirls of heavily downtuned melodic haze. Returning to Bridgetown with another set of grunge songs that draws inspiration from the duo's tenure in doom metal as well as the Siamese Dream generation of their youth, Sawyer and Enos bathe sparkling pop songs in a syrupy sludge. Sweet and addictive, the four songs that comprise "Atascadero" offer a glimpse into an understated but diverse range of styles and feelings that stem from crushing guitar tones in simple, subtle arrangements.

• Limited to 100 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #56
Vehicle Blues - Koz Park C5 cassette re-issue
2 songs | originally released June 2011 | Chicago, IL
A brand new one-two punch from Chicago heavyweight Gabe Holcombe. The current champion of concise bedroom shoegaze hits where it hurts without leaving a moment to breathe. Rejecting the superficial fluff, Holcombe condenses the bottled up feelings of everyone who's ever felt alone and the optimism of returning to your feet and getting your life back into pure and focused textural pop. Downtuned despair with no downtime. The crowning moments of the Vehicle Blues discography. Packaged with a glossy 6-panel j-card featuring vintage photography from 1936 by one of Gabe's family friends.

Re-issue sold out.

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Bridgetown #107 - $6
Reighnbeau - Hands C39 pro-cassette
8 songs | May 2014 | Albuquerque, NM
Bryce Hample's songwriting experiments as Reighnbeau have always approached traditional composition and arrangement from unconventional angles, producing music with a pure immediacy that feels familiar while escaping comparison. On “Hands,” Hample complements the hushed whisper of his trademark vocals with a blend of lush, organic instrumentation sealed off from the world within an electronic suit of glitchy, orchestral static. Glistening guitar chords swell like whalesongs and bend like wind whistling through trees while synthesized noise crunches in sync to the primal pound of drums.

• Guest musicians include Madeline Johnston (Mariposa), Emma Crane (Javelina), Shane Brown and James Sturgis. Mastered by Drake Hardin.

• Limited to 125 pro-duplicated type II chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #106 - $6
Widesky - Silhouette, and the Stars Emerging C44 cassette
9 songs | May 2014 | Seattle, WA
Work on Seth Chrisman’s final album under the Widesky project, “Silhouette, and the Stars Emerging” began over three years ago and was initially intended to be his debut before entering a suspended state of uncertainty. Sourced from field recordings of transportation terminals, aircraft, public spaces and fragmented radio transmissions, “Silhouette…” is a study in the nature of thresholds, transition, and locality. Chrisman augments the sonic properties of physical places with the gentle layering of muted tones plucked from their atmospheres.

• Limited to 100 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

Bridgetown #105 - $6
Autococoon - Spirulina C33 pro-cassette
7 songs | May 2014 | Seattle, WA
Caitlin Payne Roberts has a remarkable aptitude for personifying the ocean, cosmos and metaphysical universe as interactive denizens of an alien world that exists all around us. The elaborate arrangement of her lyrical narratives flow like the brisk current of casual conversation, washing over personal experience and mercurial dreams. The crystal clear instrumentation, lush riffs, and buoyant rhythms are brushed in starlight, anchoring these emotive stories of life in the aquatic field.

• Guest musicians include Luc Desio (L'ile Pica), Jakob Goltiani (Herr Jazz), Zach Burba (iji, Mega Bog), Briana Marela (Briana Marela), and Nich Wilbur (Mount Eerie, Hungry Cloud Darkening). Engineered/recorded by Karl Blau at Electromagnetic Samples and mixed/mastered by Nich Wilbur at the UNKNOWN in Anacortes, WA.

• Limited to 125 pro-duplicated cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

Bridgetown #104 - $6
Apollo Vermouth - Fractured Youth C30 cassette
6 songs | May 2014 | Franklin, WI
Freezing the cathartic energy of live performance, these serene ambient pieces condense an overwhelming rush and blur of emotions floating in icy stillness. Alisa Rodriguez revisits the echoing memories of growing pains with powerful restraint, shaping and guiding them like the slow descent of fragile snowflakes piling high along the sidewalk. Dedicated to and catalyzed by the critical self-reflection that followed the tragic loss of friend Jessie Blodgett in 2013, “Fractured Youth” is a memorial to the notion that internal growth comes not with age, but with the will to do so.

• Limited to 100 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #103 - $6
Filardo - UNKNOWN Sessions C20 cassette
5 songs | May 2014 | Los Angeles, CA
Thomas Filardo has emerged in recent years as the rare and extraordinary kind of songwriter that escapes reference and captures a snapshot of life in the modern world with a profound timelessness. These five songs effectively serve as a time capsule of a unique voice reflecting on the act of dreaming in our contemporary moment. Filardo's words poetically illustrate the joy of finding a renewed optimism through late night patio conversations, vividly accented by simple, mature and effective instrumentation with creative collaboration from Gregory Campanile, Stephen Steinbrink and Phil Elverum.

• Engineered by Nich Wilbur (Mount Eerie, Hungry Cloud Darkening) at the UNKNOWN in Anacortes, WA.

• Limited to 100 type II chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download and lyrics.

PRESS: Review in DIY4lyfe zine

Bridgetown #102 - $6
Paper Armies - Trying C42 pro-cassette
7 songs | May 2014 | Ithaca, NY
Jason Calhoun’s sophomore album for Bridgetown showcases a remarkable growth in his natural finesse for sculpting the raw elements of post-rock, ambient and other instrumental genres into deeply vivid and evocative images. Calhoun has placed a heavy emphasis on graceful piano and string melodies anchored by the ragged crumbling of subharmonic frequencies and whirling noise in the stereo field. “Trying” is the wordless saga of remaining firmly rooted in steadfast hopefulness while traversing a torn landscape draped in shadows and emotional shrapnel.

• Limited to 125 pro-duplicated type II chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

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Bridgetown #101 - $6
Big Waves of Pretty - It Is A Sight He Never Forgets C29 pro-cassette
6 songs | May 2014 | Highland, WI
In less than two years, Big Waves of Pretty has proven themselves as nomadic DIY road warriors that seemingly live nowhere and everywhere all at once. Birthed on a dirt-road farm in Highland, Wisconsin, the group exists almost exclusively as an entity that writes and records on tours that stretch across the seasons. The constant shifting of circumstances the boys find themselves in lends to their distinct style of intricate drumming and interweaving guitar parts. Frantic, jutting patterns collide into a sonically expansive mutation of pop music that defies classification. The songs written and performed on their 100+ date 2013 U.S. tour form “It Is A Sight He Never Forgets,” a clever commentary on the irreverence of twentysomething youth culture, long drives on summer nights, and sitting out on the lake with your dog, boombox and best friends.

• Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

• Limited to 125 pro-duplicated type II chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download and foldout lyric sheet.

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Bridgetown #100
Kevin Greenspon / Former Selves
Betrayed by the Angels / Apropos of Golden Dreams 12" vinyl LP
10 songs | July 2013 | Los Angeles, CA / Oakland, CA

For their second split release together, Kevin Greenspon and Paul Skomsvold have written and recorded a pair of miniature albums that seamlessly fold into each other, serving as the definitive work by both artists. Together, the two halves embody the spirit and structure of classical scores and film soundtracks using the vocabulary of ambient, new age, harsh noise and the various other experimental genres the artists have operated within for the past several years.

Arranged over the span of a year, Greenspon's "Betrayed by the Angels" is a personal reflection on finding where one belongs in the chaos of leaving. The story is told by an intimate orchestra of guitar and synthesizer voices singing out against a backdrop of crackling rumble.

Emerging from the wreckage, Former Selves presents three of his finest compositions yet. Each piece that comprises "Apropos of Golden Dreams" is a graceful dive into the timelessness of hope and beauty, reenacted by the comfort of piano keys and a dizzying whirl of euphoric melody.

Both sides are driven by emotional experiences in the search for a feeling that can't be found on the outside and ends with the ultimate realization that the root of happiness and growth comes from within.

Featuring artwork by Samuel Partal.
Limited to 550 12" vinyl records with metallic silver labels, packaged in extra thick heavyweight jackets with matte UV finish. Includes digital download card. A test press edition of 29 hand-numbered copies with uniquely stamped labels is available in person at shows on tour.

Press: Tiny Mix Tapes, Anhedonic Headphones, Half-Gifts, SACVS, Theosophical Society, Microphones in the Trees, Secret Decoder Magazine, Formless Fields

Bridgetown #99 - $6
Cousins Bathhouse C62 pro-cassette
12 songs | June 2013 | Milwaukee, WI
After a pair of short but powerfully conceived cassettes packaged in handmade books, etched wooden boxes and wax-sealed envelopes, Cousins have broken free from Milwaukee's frigid winter with a dense full-length spanning over an hour. These twelve songs capture a dark era, recorded over an 8-month period in a cryogenic reverb tank. Cousins have patiently crafted a unique brand of post-punk intensity, borrowing elements from hardcore, shoegaze, sludge and noise rock while never feeling like a trivial embodiment of any particular sonic aesthetic. Each song grapples with personal realizations in a tug-of-war between nostalgic dirges and youthful adrenaline. "Bathhouse" reads like a long lost diary with the emotional weight of a family heirloom recovered from years of obscurity in an attic or basement. All that's left is to turn the key.
Recorded by Krum A.D. (Ice Age Records) and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Failures, Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios.
Limited to 250 pro-duplicated cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card and foldout lyric sheet.

Press: #18 of top 50 cassettes in 2013 at Myspace.com, Ad Hoc, No How review, The Elementary Revolt, Anhedonic Headphones, The Creative Intersection, Tome To The Weather Machine

Bridgetown #98 - $6
Hausu Total C45 pro-cassette
10 songs | June 2013 | Portland, OR
Hausu's unique identity lies not in a desire to emulate or imitate those who came before them, but is instead constructed by slicing up the tiny details throughout the wide scope of rock music's history that have shaped them as individual people, and re-arranging them into a collage: the focused totality of what it means to be a Rock Music Performance Group.

Their restraint and attention to detail is increasingly rare in a world plagued by short attention spans and the lust for instant gratification. "Total" is the Portland quartet's very first release after several years of existence, the product of patiently taking time to refine their message, delivery and musical skills. The result is a collection of 10 songs that are tightly wound into a braid that draws deep from the well of hardcore and punk, but is executed with an aesthetic more akin to post-punk, emo or even 90s alternative rock.

While the range of styles and musical complexity exhibited throughout "Total" appears jarring and dissonant on first impression, these variations serve as crucial elements to the multi-faceted nature of having four people in a band following four different paths to their singular vision. The final work is smooth, accessible and complete within the context of itself.
Featuring artwork by Neil Gregerson (Naomi Punk) & Hausu. Recorded & mixed by Dylan Wall. Mastered by Ben Greenberg (of The Men, Hubble, Zs).
Limited to 150 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card.

CD/LP version on Hardly Art.
Press: SPIN Magazine 1 / 2, Impose Magazine, AllMusic , Ad Hoc, Stereogum, Portland Mercury, No Fear of Pop, Stereo Subversion, Pop! Stereo Review, Anhedonic Headphones review

Bridgetown #96 - $6
Brahms shimmer//suffocate C37 pro-cassette
11 songs | June 2013 | City of Industry, CA

2 copies left
Secluded behind walls, windows, bars and blinds, Jovan Moran has finally emerged from solitude with a powerful follow-up to 2011's mysterious "Pressure" cassingle. Serving as a coping mechanism for serving time, "shimmer//suffocate" is a miniature concerto composed by and for inner anxiety. Minimalism is embraced, as rumbling organ drones uncomfortably slither underneath twinkling piano keys when hands aren't shaking too much to play them. Moran's genius lies in the simplicity of his compositions, carefully arranging these ten pieces so there is always space to breathe and maintain sanity, a rare luxury often taken for granted by the rest of us in our daily lives.

Limited to 100 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card.

Bridgetown #90 - $6
School Knights Lethargy C37 pro-cassette
8 songs | April 2013 | Boulder, CO

5 copies left
Two and a half years after their Bridgetown debut, School Knights return with a richly multi-faceted album. The eight songs that comprise "Lethargy" shun the notion that rock music is meant to be lazy or simple. School Knights have achieved a level of maturity rare among their peers, and have spun a complex web of rhythms, harmonies and song structures that remains immediate, accessible and fully gratifying, as rock has always been throughout its history. "Lethargy" bursts with a propulsive energy that effortlessly bends around shifting time signatures and races towards the ten-minute magnum opus of a cliffhanger "And the Moon Descends Upon the Temple, Which Was."
Limited to 100 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card.
Press: Portals 1, Portals 2, Their Bated Breath, Shiny Shiny New

Bridgetown #88 - $6
Torn Humorist Everyone Works So Hard C44 pro-cassette
8 songs | April 2013 | Murrieta, CA

3 copies left
Laying his Trudgers project to rest, Brent Mitzner has returned under the guise of Torn Humorist to infiltrate new concepts in home-taping. "Everyone Works So Hard" is a testament to the 8-track tape machine as a vehicle for instrumentation. Synthetic sheets of melody are fabricated from dense layering of guitar and viola as the tapes are sped up, slowed down, pitch shifted, EQed and layered again and again into abstractions that bear little resemblance to their original form. A swirl of textures twist into and out of each other in the pool of self-reflection, leaving more questions unanswered than before.

Limited to 100 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card.
Press: Tiny Mix Tapes

Bridgetown #86 - $6
N O W Are You New Age? C24 pro-cassette / CDr
3 songs | April 2013 | Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Litrow has pounded out beats as a member of 60-Watt Kid and Dance Disaster Movement for the past decade, finally coming into his own as the solo artist known as N O W. For his first solo EP, Litrow captures the fervor of his live performances over the last few years: a sole body standing before a glamorous dream world of mirrors, lights and smoke that sheds self-consciousness and awareness. There is a room, a dancefloor, a beat, and you are in it. That's all there is. A chance to exorcise the excess and let everything go until the music stops.

Limited to 60 CDrs in full-color double-sided sleeves and 100 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download card.
Press: LA Record, Tape Famous

Bridgetown #85 - $6
Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman Already Dead collaborative 7" vinyl EP
4 songs + 8 bonus songs | June 2012 | Oakland, CA / West Covina, CA
After years in the works, these two best friends team up once again for a new collaborative record of sugary sweet pop punk anthems that are instantly catchy and relatable to anyone who has felt young at least once in their life. For their second collaborative record, Kevin Greenspon and Jon Barba aka Nicole Kidman contribute sincere, heartbreaking and intimately personal songs of foolish love backed by the simple beauty of a busted keyboard, blown out drum machine and raw guitar fuzz. Greenspon's guitarwork has been stripped down from the thicker shoegaze on his prior split CD with Cloud Nothings to complement the trademark Yamaha tones and frantic beats Nicole Kidman has made a name for himself with.

Bridgetown's first vinyl release captures the duo's finest moments together from several years of writing and were recorded in such varied settings as a poolhouse the two formerly ran a venue in (see video above), a dusty woodshop in Oakland, and even on a junked television set. "Already Dead" includes 4 exclusive songs and crowd favorites that fans will recognize from their tours together such as "Thirst For God" plus 8 more bonus songs in the included digital download.
Limited to 550 records with metallic silver labels, housed in tri-fold jackets with doublesided, full-color printing on 100# glossy stock. 100 copies are available as a European edition from the recently revived Almost Halloween Time Records; 50 feature handmade covers. European orders are recommended to order from them!
Press: Depression Chamber, Foxy Digitalis, Dusted: Still Single, Tiny Mix Tapes, Boston Hassle

Bridgetown #83 - $6
Folding Focus
Kevin Greenspon
Folding Focus DVD
10 songs | August 2012 | City of Industry, CA

Limited quantities leftover from tour.

"Folding Focus" is a 10-song exploration of movement, transitions and stasis in the audio/video field. The disc features visual work by Paul Skomsvold (Former Selves) and Matthieu Séry that was projected during Kevin Greenspon's performances on his USA tour this past Fall.

Tiny Mix Tapes' review of the first track explains that Skomsvold's visuals "give new meaning to a term like 'watercolor,' truly painting the frame with soft strokes of vivid shades while keeping the overall image in a decidedly aqua state. Greenspon’s guitar, meanwhile, is at its most fluttery and falsetto with this number, the melody softly gliding to the forefront before unabashedly chiming out its saccharine message, swimming through a gentle pond of tone before the entire thing crumbles as the beauty is rudely devoured in crinkling static." Séry's work serves as a complementary foil, immersing the viewer in subtle shifts of painted color, points and form that gradually coalesce into hundreds of miniature, inconceivable climaxes.
Edition of 165 pro-duplicated and shrinkwrapped region-free DVDs (NTSC Region 0 for worldwide compatibility) with full-color artwork and liner notes.
Press: Tiny Mix Tapes

Bridgetown #72 - $6
Kevin Greenspon Maroon Bells C20 cassette / CDr
6 songs | February 2012 | City of Industry, CA
In support of two comprehensive USA tours this year and on the heels of splits with Former Selves, Sky Stadium and Trudgers, Greenspon has finally offered his first official follow-up album to 2010's "Unveiling" album and "Common Objects" 12" LP. Greenspon effortlessly transforms gentle progressions of soothing guitar notes into a graceful choir of blurry tape collage. The six pieces on "Maroon Bells" are concise recollections of a very specific set of personal memories: those first times you had dreams of disappearing, seeing a city from the mountains, being dwarfed by the skeleton of a skyscraper, and the deafening railroad tracks that threaten the hope of sleeping to dream once again.
First edition of 100 cassettes / Second edition of 84 CDrs in cardboard jackets / Third edition of 150 cassettes
Fourth edition of 276 CDrs in plastic sleeves / Fifth edition of 100 cassettes

Press: No Fear of Pop, Boy Attractions, Epitonic.com interview, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Creative Intersection, Foxy Digitalis review

Bridgetown #55
Kevin Greenspon Paradise A.D. CD
15 songs | June 2011 | City of Industry, CA
After ten tours spanning the USA and dozens of cassette, CD and vinyl releases in the past two years, Californian Kevin Greenspon has exhibited an unstoppable work ethic. On Paradise A.D., 65 minutes of music from 5 limited edition cassettes are presented from the original master recordings. The collection ranges from songs such as "Rose Window"'s "Machine Shop," which Pitchfork Media calls "a sonic feast devoured in three all-too-short minutes composed of deliciously delayed guitar pickings and crunchy crescendo-ing soundscapes" to richly detailed tape collage detritus. Tome To The Weather Machine attests to Greenspon as "a master of dynamics on tape" and in the live arena, as dynamic arrangements of "heartaching drones... field recordings, gorgeous volume swells, strummed chords and contact mic squalor lap slowly into each other gracefully and naturally."

15 songs from 5 limited edition cassette EPs and splits with Sky Stadium and Trudgers on Sound Holes, Existential Cloth, Bathetic, Life's Blood and Tired Trails are collected on this limited edition CD, packaged in shrinkwrapped jewelcase with full-color artwork.
Edition of 325.
Press: 1, 2, 3, 4, review on KZSU radio, Stanford, CA, Interview about the album and more

Bridgetown #32 - $8
Kevin Greenspon / Cloud Nothings split CDEP
10 songs | September 2010 | City of Industry, OH / Cleveland, OH

Limited quantities leftover from tour
The long-awaited split album between these 2 rising solo artists opens with 5 new songs by Kevin Greenspon: California weirdo heartthrob pop punk about looking back on teenage years and losing it all. Densely packed with Kevin's unique guitar melodies and featuring Travis von Sydow/Ancient Crux on drums and includes a cover of No Paws. Cloud Nothings rounds out the disc with 5 more exclusive new songs: the Cleveland teenager takes his catchy brand of raw and distorted-beyond-the-red bedroom pop in a direction not seen in his "Turning On" album or subsequent tape/vinyl releases.
Edition of 250 CDs packaged in shrinkwrapped jewelcase with full-color insert and lyric sheet.
Press: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, In-depth Review, another review, Interview about the split, review of LA show together

Bridgetown #16 - $6
Cloud Nothings Turning On C30 cassette / CDr
8 songs | December 2009 | Cleveland, OH
Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid.mp3
Cloud Nothings - Whaddya Wanna Know.mp3
Cloud Nothings - Can't Stay Awake.mp3

Limited copies left
The debut of Cleveland, Ohio's Cloud Nothings is an incredibly catchy and nostalgic 8 song full-length album. Solo bedroom pop punk overflowing with infectious guitar riffs harmonizing perfectly with addicting vocal melodies.
Original handmade version of album later re-issued on Carpark / Wichita.
First edition of 100 cassettes / Second edition of 100 CDs / Third edition of 100 CDs / Fourth edition of 100 CDs


Family Time Records #22 - $12
Kevin Greenspon Common Objects 12" vinyl LP
7 songs | October 2010 | City of Industry, CA

Limited quantities leftover from tour
Press sheet description: "On his 12” vinyl debut, Greenspon has written and arranged seven songs blending elements and techniques from ambient, drone, field recording, and harsh noise sub-genres into a concise album that seamlessly covers a wide variety of musical ground. Taking a refined approach to actual songwriting in lieu of the unplanned improvisation or loose experimentation of his contemporaries, Greenspon has woven "Common Objects" into a personal and emotionally moving narrative chacterized by his trademark guitar tones, reminiscent of classical string instruments, lush synthesizers and AM radio interference."
Edition of 530 vinyl records packaged in glossy, full-color jackets with postcard inserts and digital download cards.
Press: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in-depth review

Monorail Trespassing #83 - $6
Kevin Greenspon Unveiling C25 pro-cassette
6 songs | September 2010 | City of Industry

Limited quantities left
Label description: "Los Angeles' hardest working man. What may appear to be all bright light soon gets covered by dark clouds. Greenspon combines elements of ambient music, drone, collage and harsh noise, all condensed into song form. Six pieces of dynamic compositions for guitar, keyboard, and tapes."