Bridgetown #80

Kevin Greenspon

Kevin Greenspon's most musically accessible album, "Bracing," consists of 9 songs crafted with the cohesive frailty of a spiderweb. Delicate layers of somber melody intertwine and rustle in a calm wind, swaying into and through each other while never quite tearing apart. The strums of a crackling guitar in a deserted strip of industrial parks, only coming out at night when the boulevards quiet down. "Bracing" documents the struggle to grasp the basic relationships of peace in subtle unhappiness, and the emergence of surprise from the ordinary routines.
Originally released in editions of 100 cassettes on Obeast Tapes and 200 CDrs on Family Time Records in 2009.

C32 cassette · 9 songs · August 2012 · City of Industry, CA

2012 U.S. Tour edition of 100 cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock.