Bridgetown #86

Are You New Age?

Kevin Litrow has pounded out beats as a member of 60-Watt Kid and Dance Disaster Movement for the past decade, finally coming into his own as the solo artist known as N O W. For his first solo EP, Litrow captures the fervor of his live performances over the last few years: a sole body standing before a glamorous dream world of mirrors, lights and smoke that sheds self-consciousness and awareness. There is a room, a dancefloor, a beat, and you are in it. That's all there is. A chance to exorcise the excess and let everything go until the music stops.

C24 cassette / CDr · 3 songs · April 2013 · Los Angeles, CA

Edition of 60 CDrs in full-color doublesided sleeves and 100 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

press: LA Record, Tape Famous