Bridgetown #110

Shivering Window
When We Were Metal

For over a decade, Matthew Gray has found comfort in tape machines and grimy guitars, sneaking his brand of outsider pop into the subconscious of the unaware. "When We Were Metal" is Gray's most accessible collection of songs, shimmering with the glow of hidden treasure in an abandoned attic. Dusty and worn, these are the eccentric but relatable tales of an ageless alt-rock ghost revisiting his youth in New England. Gray produces his songs in a manner befitting the cold, brisk air that hangs over a snowed out colonial town before the plows come around, finding friends in thin guitars, antique drum machines and gentle vocals wrapped in a couple coats of hiss.
C44 cassette · 12 songs · August 2014 · Long Beach, CA

Edition of 50 chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

press: Andrew Listens