Bridgetown #133

Editer H

Lo-fi beat savant Eric Hernandez reinvents himself monthly under dozens of pseudonyms, now taking on his role as Editer H to compose the soundtrack to a twisted real world videogame where each level is a highly personalized hell: It all begins with waking up way too early on your first day off work in weeks, getting cussed at by your mom in Spanish for not calling back home more often, then going outside and finding out your car's been broken into.

But each level can be conquered. You can land that trick on your skateboard that you've been trying for weeks, roll away clean and find a crisp hundred dollar bill in the street. Maybe go buy some weird funk record that doesn't exist yet. Or go to the auto glass repair shop as soon as it opens so there's still a little time to hang out at the park and bask in knowing everything's gonna be okay until work tomorrow.
C30 cassette · 13 songs · May 2017 · Austin, TX

Edition of 50 cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.