Bridgetown #50

Former Selves
Fait Accompli

Bridgetown's 50th release marks the label's first venture into video and the shining star of the label's entire catalog. With the exception of a small handful of private demo cassettes, Northern California's Paul Skomsvold has remained relatively under the radar. With "Fait Accompli," Skomsvold jumps ahead of the pack to debut in the public eye with an 8 song full-length visual album on DVD. Fractured skeletons of pop songs sway in the hazy remnants of synth drift, field recordings and tape collage modulation. Interplay between sight and sound is meticulously arranged into an evocative burst of vibrant emotion, with each composition fusing different styles of music, sound, digital video, film and lens manipulation into a powerfully executed whole.
DVD · 9 songs · June 2011 · Berkeley, CA

Edition of 200 pro-duplicated and shrinkwrapped region-free DVDs (NTSC Region 0 for worldwide compatibility) with full-color artwork.