Bridgetown #51

Hermit Convention / Grizzel Toe

A perfect pairing of two mainstays of the Santa Cruz house show scene. This 90s-infused split is the debut release for boy + girl duo Grizzel Toe, whose gritty, high energy indie rock has launched them onto shows with nationally known bands such as Wavves and scored the much deserved title of local favorites around town. Hermit Convention backs them with a complementary approach from a different angle. DIY veteran Craig Prentice has mastered the art of paring a song down to the most essential elements: a thoughtful concoction of instantly relatable and memorable lyrics backed by simple bass guitar tunes and loops with no flash and no frills. An authentic document of raw bedroom recordings showcasing the crowd pleasers of packed living rooms on rainy days.
C15 cassette · 4 songs · June 2011 · Santa Cruz, CA

Edition of 100 chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight matte stock.