Bridgetown #129

Kevin Greenspon
Arbitration Pattern In Two Parts

On "Arbitration Pattern In Two Parts" and current live sets, Kevin Greenspon explores the irreconcilable differences a person finds within their self and their constantly morphing public presentation as they pass through varying environments and relationships. Greenspon's live setup renders video projections from synths and drum patterns, sees its own creation in real-time, and then feeds this visual input back to influence the personality of an open-ended song structure.

The A-side's deep mix of "Tuning The Mask" presents a cloaked figure gradually emerging from a slow and murky mix, taking shreds of influence from dub techno, trance, ambient and other electronic genres rooted in subtly shifting repetition. The B-side's live edit of a performance at Pehrspace in Los Angeles showcases a different attitude with a barren outlook on the horizon: familiar mixing elements are re-arranged into a chaotic burst and a sparser fallout.
C22 cassette · 2 songs · December 2016 · City of Industry, CA

First / Midwest tour edition of 70 chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and printing on metallic swirl cardstock, includes digital download. Second edition of 50 chrome cassettes printed on glossy cardstock.