Bridgetown #127

Happy All The Time Forever Always

Jason Calhoun of Paper Armies returns to Bridgetown with a new set of heartbreaking vignettes for keyboard that pour out volumes of emotion in two minute bursts. Each piece conveys a dreamy, unconscious state akin to getting caught in a rainshower on your walk home from work in a new city and plowing through with your head down only to find something beautiful wash up in the gutter that reminds you of the place you came from. "Happy All The Time Forever Always" captures the multifaceted tug of war between wistful longing, uncertainty, excitement and relief with delicate strokes of smooth and grainy tones scattering down like rays of light from behind a rapidly dissipating cloud, a reminder that there's something good on the other side and that it's not so far away anymore.

C30 cassette · 10 songs · June 2016 · Philadelphia, PA

Edition of 69 chrome cassettes dubbed in real-time with full-color labels and doublesided printing on heavyweight gloss stock, includes digital download.

press: Half-Gifts, Anhedonic Headphones, Tabs Out Cassette Podcast, Wake The Deaf